Why you wont see Linux on Corporate America’s desktops just yet

I came across this blog post by Robert Scoble while checking something for a GPS data collector that I writing, it has a useful data point to file in the back of the mind.  It has nothing to do with GPS data collection or even what I was googling for, but it explains a very good reason why you won’t see Linux on corporate desktops for the conceivable future.


I can sum it up for you with one sentence:  Linux fonts and their technology are no match to Windows and the Mac.


I’m not bashing Linux, I have a few things that run on it at home.  Not paying the Microsoft tax makes perfect sense for devices using embedded OS’s.  I love my TiVo and the fact that it uses an OS that doesn’t blue screen.  My $70 router/access point is running a pretty cool 3rd party firmware that could only be done if it was using Linux.

But on the desktop, I want a desktop that easy on the eyes.  The quality of the fonts and how they are displayed are a huge part of that.  Microsoft recognizes that and they spend a lot of time and money on fonts.  Consolas is a very nice typeface for pounding out code.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it.