Frequently Asked Questions to use for my Chat Bot

What is the benefit of using the QnA Maker bot?
It allows you to easily add a chat bot that can answer simple questions.  It is easy to implement and to maintain.

What is the Code Camp schedule?
You can find the schedule here.

Where is Code Camp?
It is at the Microsoft Conference Center at 11 Times Square.  View Map

What is your refund policy?
There are no refunds.

How do I register for Code Camp?
You can register on Eventbrite right here.

How much does it cost?
About $20-$60 a month, depending on how much it is being used

What if I need more help?
You would prompt the user to use a different support option.  That could be a link to another page, a form that solicits feedback, or even a phone number to call.

Can I do special formatting?
QnA Maker bots support a subset of Markdown.

What can you use as data sources?
You can link to a FAQ page or import a FAQ document.

Can I customize the default answer?
You can edit the code that was created for the Web App Bot.  Select the Web App Bot in the Azure Portal.  Under Bot Management, select Build.  Then click on “Open online code editor”.  This will open up the App Service Editor.  Open BasicQnAMakerDialog.cs in the Dialogs folder.  In the method BasicQnAMakerDialog, change the text from “No good match in FAQ.” to the next text.  To compile the changes, open the console window and run build.cmd.

How do I update a data source?
Update the FAQ web page(s) and/or the document files used by the Meshbot. Then retrain the bot and publish it again. If you are using files, then do the following: Remove the file\n\n* Save and retrain the model\n\n* add the file back\n\n* save and retrain the model

Why do I need to train a chat bot?
Training allows you to resolve ambiguous questions and to allow multiple versions of a question have the same result.


How do I add a welcome message?
You’ll need post an event activity in your client side code.  Then in the bot code you would respond to that event with your custom message.  For specific implementation details, please refer to this botframework blog post.

Can the chat bot ask a followup question if it doesn’t understand the question?
No, the QnA Maker bot does not save the state of a question.

How are you doing?
I’m running optimally.  Thank you for asking.

How hard is to add a chat bot to me web site?
You can use Microsoft’s open source web chat client and embed the URL inside an iframe

What is the weather today?
I’m sorry, I can only answer questions from the FAQ data source.

Can you take feedback from a QnAMaker chat bot?
You can extend the functionality and display dialogs and prompts.  This article has some example code.

What if I want to do more?
While the QnA Maker Bot is limited to it can do, you can write an interactive chat bot in C# or Javascript and still leverage the QnA Maker bot to handle simple questions

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