I just saw that Xavier Pacheco will not be writing a Delphi 2005 Developer’s Guide. His reasons were logical:

First, I simply do not have the time to invest in writing about a product I do not use. While Delphi 7 is my tool of choice for writing Win32 applications, I use VS.NET and C# for developing .NET applications. Secondly, the current book’s sales have been very low. No publisher would take on this project as it would be a loss.

His Developer’s Guides for previous versions of Delphi are good books to have and I wonder is this part of trend. Borland has always been a niche player, but is their niche getting smaller?

I have Delphi 2005, and while I broke the shrink wrap to see what was inside, I have yet to install it. I use Delphi 5 & Delphi 7 for Win32 apps and they are my tools of choice for Win32. I’m also doing .NET programming and I’m using C# with VS.NET. I’ve been using Delphi since Delphi 2, but I can’t see any reason to use Delphi 2005 over VS.NET for .NET projects.