Wil Wheaton answers questions submitted from Slashdot

One of my favorite things to do when I worked on Star Trek was walk through the sets when nobody else was around, just so I could study the graphics. I’m sure you know about the giant Enterprise schematic in Engineering, but for the one person who doesn’t: The huge cutaway view of the Enterprise is filled with little graphical inside jokes, like a hamster wheel where the engine should be, only two restrooms at opposite ends of the ship, NOMAD from the original series, and a few other things that we all figured nobody would ever get close enough to see . . . until one director (I think it may have been Paul Lynch, who liked to yell “Energy! Energy! Energy! Energy! And! And! And! And! And! ACTION!” at the beginning of each take) wanted to do a shot that started close on the cutaway, swept across it, and pulled back into a two shot of me and Brent. When he watched the rehearsal, and saw that there was a giant duck decoy and a “Speed Limit” sign in the middle of his shot, he was pissed. I’m sure the art department felt bad about that, but we all had a god laugh while they reblocked the shot.