Just about everyone on the planet knows what Katrina did. And most of us know that New Orleans has been all but abandoned. But not everyone left. DirectNIC, a web hosting company, is running from a dry and secure skyscraper in New Orlean’s central business district. They have enough backup power for a few weeks and it looks like they will need it. In addition to keep their customer’s web sites running, they have a blog documenting what they are going through and what they are seeing from their vantage point. It’s required reading folks.

It’s a compelling drama. It’s very much like reading a Hunter S. Thompson story. You feel like civilization is coming apart at seams. I IM’ed the author of the blog. I really didn’t have anything to say him other than he rocks. They are living in a twisted Charlton Heston movie and they are the good guys.

In addition to the blog, they have a live webcam feed at mms:// which is usually maxed out. There is also a mirror feed at http://old.mises.org:88/NO2. Right now I’m looking a hand holding a clipboard with “Does Papa John’s deliver in New Orleans?” on it. Someone still has his sense of humor.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the Red Cross and donating blood. This is worse than 9/11, we all have to step up to the plate.