I’m putting this here to I’ll remember where the bits are

A customer from Las Vegas DevConnections asks:

It seems like, but I may be mistaken, that you said something about posting some new set of toolbar icons on your blog? Was I in a Vegas-induced stupor or did you really say that?

Yes, I really, really did – however I totally forgot to link to it.  Aaron talks about the library here.  …and Soma talks about how the new image library came to be

Instructions for finding the image library can be found here:

**To install the Visual Studio 2005 Image Library
** Locate the file VS2005ImageLibrary.zip. This file is normally installed in \…\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\VS2005ImageLibrary.


  1. Right-click VS2005ImageLibrary.zip and click Extract All.

  2. The Extraction Wizard appears.

  3. Follow the directions in the wizard to extract the images.

It looks like, this is something you’ll need the full Visual Studio install for – the zip file does not install with the Express editions of Visual Studio.


[via jfo’s coding]