I saw a reference to “tomato funeral” on a .Net developer’s blog.  I had to click through the link and ended up somewhere deep in the bowels of Wil Wheaton’s blog….

My friends and I have, in the past, enjoyed playing a game we affectionaly call “tomato funeral”. Often when we find ourselves in close but temporary proximity to a stranger or group of strangers (like being in an elevator) one of us will start the game by turning to the other and asking:

“So then what happened?”

At this point it’s the goal of the other person to come up with the most nonsensical but still plausible conclusion to a conversation that will presumably leave the strangers wondering for the rest of the day what possible situation could have led up to that phrase. The game is named after one of the earliest successes:

“Oh, well, she went to the funeral, but, well, you know, I doubt she’ll ever eat tomatos again”

Points are awarded for creativity and quickness of response.