After a couple of weeks of vacation, I came back to the office to find my old development book DOA.  It was worse than a Blue Screen, it was a black screen with Read/Write error message.  My C: partition was filled with CRC errors.  I could copy some files off it, but most were toast.  A second parition on the same drive reported no errors, so I don’t think it was a drive failure.  We did have a brown out while I was away, and that box only had a surge protector to save it.  Which it didn’t.

I was planning on on installing the Vista Beta 2 in a VMware session on my main development box, but I think it will go on the old box.  I have to reinstall the OS anyways, why not go with the beta.  It’s not like I have anything to lose at this point.

This post and the one before it was created with Windows Live Writer (Beta).  It’s a pretty cool blog entry tool from Microsoft.  What is really nice about it is that it reads your blog setup and you can edit the posts in the look and feel of your actual blog.  It just works.  It didn’t display the map below, but it showed where it would be.

Another cool feature is that you can edit previous posted entries and it replaces the old post with the new post.  This is my 3rd attempt on this post.

We spent a week down on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  We have been going on and off down there for the last ten years and I like it alot.  This year, we stayed in Pine Island, on the southern end of Corolla.  I played a bit with Wikimapia and got this map of where we stayed:


The house in the lower left corner is where we stayed.  I tell you the name, but I want to rent it next year…

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