I was debugging some code in VS 2005 when I noticed that I could no longer find “Step Into” on the debug menu.  I was already used to the keyboard short cut of F11, but I was wondering why it was no longer on the menu.  After some googling, I found a post from Paul Litwin’s blog that explained how to fix it.  Basicly, the IDE thinks that you just don’t want to see that menu item and you just need to reset your profile.   Here are the steps that Paul listed on his blog:

  1. Click the Tools->Import and Export Settings menu item
  2. Choose Reset all Settings
  3. Don’t save your settings
  4. Pick a new profile
  5. Profit!

OK, I couldn’t resist the last one.  The $64,000 question is why this happened in the first place.  When Paul posted his blog entry, VS 2005 was still new and shiny and the thought was that a prior installation of VS 2005 (beta?) had some how screwed up the settings.  That didn’t match my setup, I avoided the VS 2005 beta like the plague.  I do have VS 2003 installed, that may have confused VS 2005.  I also installed SQL Server 2005 before VS 2005, that too could confuse VS 2005.

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