As of today, the address of this blog is now  The old name,, still works but you’ll see the new name in your browser’s address field.   I made the change after signing up for Google Apps.  I wanted to have a personal email address with my own domain and Google Apps will do that for free.  I’ve had parked at GoDaddy for the last few years (for a side project that never got off the ground), I figured I might as well use it.

After going through the steps with my domain registrar to map my domain name to Google’s mail servers, it was then a trivial matter to add a CNAME Record to have it point back to  Once I verified that the registration had been posted to that series of tubes, I went in to the Blogger Admin page and assigned to the blog.

I signed up for Google Apps mainly for the vanity email address, but now that I have it, I want to use more of the features like the Calendar.

I’m using more and more of Google these days.  Their Google Browser Sync extension was the feature that made me switch from Opera to Firefox for most of my web browsing needs.  I bounce back and forth between six machines between the office and home and I have the same bookmarks on each machine and Google takes care of it for me.  I have been an Opera fanboy for the last few years, it took a lot to make me switch.

My blog is run on Google (Blogger).  I have a GMail account and I use Google Talk to interact with one of our remote contract programmers.  After playing around with a few desktop based RSS Readers, I switched to Google Reader.  I for one, welcome our new Google Overlords. 


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