There have been a few articles posted on the Internet about a web site called  It’s supposed to be fashion game for young girls, but it sounds pretty trashy.  It’s aimed at girls between the ages of 9 to 16 and it purports to be a virtual fashion games.  It’s widely condemned as the users are encouraged to compete against each other to become the “hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world.” by buy chest implants.  CNN had a good write up of it and here’s a direct quote:

The provocatively named “Miss Bimbo” Web site launched in the UK last month and is described as a “virtual fashion game for girls.”

Girls are encouraged to compete against each other to become the “hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world.”

When a girl signs up, they are given a naked virtual character to look after and pitted against other girls to earn “bimbo” dollars so they can dress her in sexy outfits and take her clubbing.

They are told “stop at nothing,” even “meds or plastic surgery,” to ensure their dolls win.

Users are given missions, including securing plastic surgery at the game’s clinic to give their dolls bigger breasts, and they have to keep her at her target weight with diet pills, which cost 100 bimbo dollars.

Breast implants sell at 11,500 bimbo dollars and net the buyer 2,000 bimbo attitudes, making her more popular on the site.

And bagging a billionaire boyfriend is the most desirable way to earn the all important “mula” or bimbo dollars.

As the father of two girls aged 7 and 5, I’m appalled by the site and I’m not going to let them anywhere near it.  We have a family PC that girls can use and we do let them visit certain sites on the Internet.  I’ve already taken steps to prevent them from seeing that site in our household.  I’ve been a fan of for a couple of years for their speedy DNS lookups.  OpenDNS has the ability to do some basic filtering and it’s trivial to get it to block entire domains.  I just logged into my OpenDNS account and added as a blocked domain. 

If you have never heard of OpenDNS, it’s a free service that does speedy DNS lookups.  When you type in into your web browser, a DNS server takes that domain name and converts it to the actual IP address of the site so that it can loaded into your browser.  Your Internet provider usually provides their own DNS servers, but OpenDNS has faster ones.

I’m probably overreacting and my girls will never even hear of that site, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.