Various reports on the Intertubes are reporting that Microsoft has acknowledge that last weeks Vista Update, 938371, has been causing “problems” with USB devices.  The money quote:

“We are aware of concerns that a recent Microsoft update may be causing problems with USB devices. We are investigating the matter, and at this time, do not have any information to share.”

Supposedly this was an update to fix a security hole in Windows Defender.  Read about more people hit by 938371 in MS’s own forums.

This is starting to feel like an endless series of misadventures with 938371.  See Work around for KB938371 disabling HID-compliant input devices , KB 938371 woes continue and the first post, Vista update KB938371 disabled my mouse.

I just want to know when a permanent fix will be available.  Come on Microsoft, there is enough people reporting this problem that you should be able to reach out for more information to help diagnose and fix this problem.