Time Warner Cable is implementing metered broad band Internet usage in a few test markets.  I switched to FiOS the day it was available and it’s been a positive experience.  I’m paying less money for more bandwidth.  And it’s consistent bandwidth.  I usually get a little over 20 Mbs for downloads and 5 Mbps for uploads.  When I dropped Road Runner, about two years ago, I was getting 5 Mbs down and 384 Kps up.  The fun part was watching the bandwidth performance drop when neighborhood kids came home from school.  We shared the same Road Runner pipe and the more people that joined, the slower it got.  FiOS doesn’t have the problem.

I think the 5 Mbps upload speed has been the biggest benefit.  If I upload photos to my SmugMug account, it takes seconds where with Road Runner it would take minutes.

Time Warner’s meter usage would allow 40 gb of traffic a month for their 15 mbps account.  That sounds like a lot but if you are downloading movies that you have bought from iTunes, Amazon UnBox, Tivo’s TivoCast, or NetFlex; then you’ll go through that 40 gb fairly quickly.