I was shocked to hear about the passing of Tim Russert.  I always enjoyed watching “Meet the Press” and I should have watched it more.  I’ve been kicking myself forgetting to TiVo this morning’s show.  On this morning’s “Meet The Press”, Tom Brokaw hosted a tribute to Tim Russert.  Fortunately, the show is available on the MSNBC site, and I’m grateful for that.  I don’t know know it will be available, but the following link should work right now.


If you want to view a larger version, even fullscreen, try the following: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/25173667#25173667.

He was the master of the interview, his show was not the one to do if you were looking for softball questions.  Even though he came out of politics, first with the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then with the Governor of NY, Mario Cuomo, Tim Russert was non-partisan and fair.  His untimely departure leaves a great void and he will be missed.