Maybe they can fix it?  You can get the list of Cylons and associated BSG characters from the Hybrid’s Friends list.

If you know BSG and are on Twitter, it’s pretty funny.  Some random excerpts…

galentyrol I am Cylon, but I will never be able to download into a fresh body. Apparently I can grow old & get fat, too. Being Cylon pretty much sucks about 17 hours ago from web
leoben Bored today…. If the Hub was still around I’d airlock myself. You know…for fun. 11:59 AM June 26, 2008 from twhirl
leoben Some wonder why I am so obsessed with coffee. Haven’t any of you had Starbuck’s coffee before? 09:45 AM June 25, 2008 from twhirl
saultigh @capricasix I know what love is! I loved @billadama and @ellentigh and look where it got me! I mean them! I mean me! Can I call you “ellen”? 08:10 PM June 14, 2008 from web in reply to capricasix 
billadama Breakfasting on a Basestar, and discovering that these new Centurians do a really, really good job at preparing toast. Ironic. 09:47 AM June 13, 2008 from web