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Microsoft has revived it’s indie game dev contest – Dream.Build.Play and you can register now.

Dream.Build.Play 2017 Challenge

The 2017 Challenge is a six month game contest aimed at indie devs. Teams of up to 7 (individuals can go solo if they desire) can enter one or more of the four categories available:

  • Cloud-powered game – Grand Prize: $100,00 USD
    Azure Cloud Services hands you a huge amount of backend power and flexibility, and it’s cool. So, here’s your shot of trying Azure out and maybe even win big. Build a game that uses Azure Cloud Services on the backend, like Service Fabric, CosmosDB, containers, VMs, storage, and Analytics. Judges will give higher scores to games that use multiple services in creative ways-and will award bonus points for Mixer integration.
  • PC Game – Grand Prize: $50,000
    Building on Windows 10, for Windows 10? This is the category for you. Create your best UWP game that lives and breathes on Windows 10 and is available to the more than 450 million users through the Windows Store. It’s simple: create a game with whatever technology you want, and publish it into the Windows Store. Judges will look favorably on games that add Windows 10 features like Cortana or Inking.
  • Mixed Reality Game – Grand Prize: $50,000
    Ooh, so you want to enhance this world you live in with something a little… augmented? Virtual? Come and join us in the Mixed Reality challenge and build a volumetric experience that takes advantage of 3D content in a virtual space. You’ll need to create your game for Windows Mixed Reality but you can use technology like Unity to get you kickstarted. Oh, and don’t forget the audio to really immerse us in your world.
  • Console Game – Grand Prize: $25,000
    Console gamers unite! Want to try your hand at building a game for Xbox? This category is your jam. Your UWP game will be built for the Xbox One console family, and incorporate Xbox Live Creators Program with at least Xbox Live presence. Consideration will be taken for games that incorporate more Xbox Live services such as leaderboards and statistics.

Teams will be judged on fun factor, innovation, production quality and business aspects of their entry, and winners will be selected from the top three from each of the four categories for a grand final in 2018 where the prizes will be awarded.

Visit the Dream.Build.Play site for more information.  There is a video explaining the competition on Channel 9.