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I just finished listening to Rachel Maddow’s excellent 7-part podcast, Bag Man. It’s an oral documentary of the events and actions that led to the resignation and conviction of Vice President Spiro Agnew. You can listen to episode one here

Spiro Agnew
Spiro Agnew, 39th Vice President

As a kid, I vaguely remembered when Agnew resigned. From that event, my strongest recollection was learning what the legal term Nolo Contendere meant (pleading no contest). At the time, the news reports indicated that he was resigning because of tax evasion. And then he went away and that was it for Agnew. Granted, there was a bigger political thing going on at the time. so it’s easy to see how he was able to fade away.

There was a lot more to that than just tax evasions. But hey, spoilers. This happened far enough in the past that most people don’t know about this or have forgotten about it. Maddow went deep on this and you’ll get hooked on it. Then get the book and go deeper down a rabbit hole from five decades ago.