A few days ago, I posted about my experience trying to get a hold of customer support after my dog ate some ant bait.  SC Johnson has a contract with a health and safety clearinghouse that is manned 24/7.  I have spoken to those people and they are very professional.  Their phone number is not listed on the ant traps.  The number that is listed, goes directly to SC Johnson.  When I called that number, I got a recorded messaged that they were closed and to call back Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am and 6pm (CST).  That’s all I remembered hearing when I called that number.  When I called SC Johnson on Tuesday, they insisted that the emergency contact number was on the message.  I don’t remember hearing that at all.

I received a call today from a physician from the Health and Safety hotline.  He had been contacted by SC Johnson after someone had read my blog posting.  They asked him to clarify with me that the SC Johnson hotline did list the emergency number.  I thought that was pretty odd as the clearing house was not responsible for the SC Johnson hotline.

I am willing to concede that an emergency number may have been at the end of the message.  If it was on the message, it did not play soon enough and I thought the call was over.  I still maintain that the number for the Health and Safety hotline should have been printed on the ant bait station and on SC Johnson’s product web page for the ant bait.  For this particular bait station, the dosage of the poison was below the level to cause any ill effects with my dog.  If I had a smaller dog (or puppy) and that dog had eaten all of the bait traps, there could have been a problem.