Even though we live in the world of tomorrow, we still get junk mail.  The old fashioned kind made of out paper and stuff like that.  Junk email annoys me, but physical junk mail is just a waste of physical resources.   I try to prevent junk mail from being sent at all, but sometimes it still comes in.  What seems to invariably happen is that I’ll get junk mail from some company that I have not had a prior relationship with.  They probably bought my contact information from some other company.

I came up with a little trick to make that mail easy identifiable so that it can be recycled without ever having to open up.  Whenever I register for something online and it asks for my title, I put in “Disposable”.  When that mail comes in and my title is printed on it, when I see the work “Disposable” on it, I know I don’t have to spend any time on it.  At our office, the receptionist delivers all the mail.  I’ve told her that if something comes in for me and it has “Disposable” printed below my name, she doesn’t have to bring it to me.